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1. I had Stitch on Time install the memory foam in my seat seven years and 140,000 miles ago on my Heritage. The seat is just as comfortable now as when it was new. I brought it back because the cover split. [on observation when repairing the seat, the memory foam was in very good condition, a new cover was installed] The customer commented that he was hesitating trading the bike because the seat was so comfortable.

2. A group of ten, 3 from Key West and seven from Sarasota rode to Juneau, Alaska and back on an Ironbutt ride with a 2 day layover averaging 600 to 800 miles a day. One of the women riders first long ride had her seat done with memory foam commented that at the end of each day her butt was tired but not hurting. She said” I didn’t feel like staying in the motel room for a couple of days after 800 miles, I could get back on the bike and ride the next 800 without hurting.”
3. Most riders of touring bikes main complaint is that after 45 minutes their tailbone and outer assbones hurt. This is a result of the foam affecting pressure points from riding without stopping for lights and being in the same position.
4. At one of our shows this spring, a past customer bragged at 8 ½ years and 65000 miles, the ride was still comfortable since we had installed our memory foam.
5. Evel Knievel gave Stitch on Time a 95% approval for comfort after the first time riding. He had 4 fused discs and 2 rods in his spine. Evel couldn’t even bear the speed bumps in the campgrounds and roads on his VROD until we worked our magic on his seat...
6. Our customer brought his VTX in for memory foam. His complaint was his wife was bitching every ½ hour to stop because her butt hurt. He called a month after the memory foam was installed to thanks us. They had rode to West Virginia and back to Florida, 1700 miles and she hadn’t complained once.
7. Comment from a gator seat customer in Virginia: Have you guys decided if I had a seat made to match the vest & bags or vest & bags made to match the seat? Either way it is a really sharp looking set for sure. I was told by another rider that the vest and tail seat look their best when we were moving. He could not stop telling me how great it looks. I could not see it from his angle of course but I will get that picture.
8. Brian, Thank you so much for the comfort and beauty of the new seat for my 2012 Harley Softail Deluxe. As you well know, the stock seat was very uncomfortable for me. It was killing my tailbone and lower back on long rides in addition to me sliding around in the seat when I accelerated. My tailbone and lower back no longer bother me, I am flat-footed, I no longer slide in the seat AND it is BEAUTIFUL. I can’t thank you enough. Debbie

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