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Q. What is temper foam ?

A. Temper foam (memory foam), is also known as visco-elastic foam. The foam molds to your body via body heat. It absorbs road impacts like railroad tracks and potholes, relieving the body of shocking impacts.

Q. How long does it take to modify the foam in my seat ?

A. The average is five to seven days. We will advise you at the time of ordering if there is a backlog.

Q. How long does the foam last ?

A. Temper foam is.....We have seen seats lasting five years so far. Exposure to weather will diminish the longevity. Typically someone in a wheelchair will get four years sitting in the foam every day.

Q. Do you warranty the work ?

A. We guarantee the materials we use, and the labor, for one year with normal wear and tear.

Q. What happens if I'm uncomfortable after the seat is modified ?

A. If available, we ask for you to bring the bike into our shop and we will adjust the seat while you are present.

Q. What if I can't bring the bike in, I live too far away ?

A. It's a reason to plan a trip to Florida (just kidding). We can do this by the phone, unfortunately you will have to pay for the shipping.

Q. I have an injury, will this help ?

A. I have 25 years experience working with the handicapped; we specialize in tailbone injuries, prostate, areas of sensitivity and amputations. Please ask if you have a particular area of concern, usually we can address the problem with success.

Q. I'm short-legged, my heals don't touch the ground.

A. The temper foam molds to your body allowing you to sink into the foam. By using different foam densities, we can adjust and lower you. Also, we can reduce pressure in the inner thighs lowering your heals. We can also move you forward for better fit on forward controls. When finished the stock seat looks the same.

Q. How much temper foam do you put in a seat ?

A.No less than three inches thick and up to five inches thick, depending upon your weight.

Q. What can you do for my stock seat cover ?

A. There are many ways to make your stock seat look great and be effective. New inserts in the area where you sit can be replaced with one of our exotic vinyls, such as alligator, ostrich or snake. These are waterproof vinyl which will wear better than leather. New inserts with color-stitched patterns can be used with specialty designs which you furnish. Styles can include skirts and studs in the design.

Q. Which is better, leather or vinyl ?

A. Depending on how you use your seat may affect your choices. For show bikes, exotic leathers can be used because of limited use. Leather is like your skin so you must care for it regularly. For every day use, leather is a poor choice. Ultra violet sunlight eats the finish in several hundred hours. (How many days is that ?) The vinyl we use are easy-cleaning, high quality and durable. Vinyls give you more color availability, longer life and are water-repellant. The exotic finishes are as sweet as the real leathers at less cost and are hard to tell apart.

Q. Do temperature changes affect the foam ?

A. Sit on the foam and warm it up in about three to five minutes it activiates. When subjected to lower temperatures you may consider our optional twelve seat heater.

Q. Can I get custom artwork ?

A. We can duplicate some designs, subject to our approval. Some designs may not be able to be reproduced effectively. We offer the use of alternatives such as custom logo patches you may furnish or we have artists that can custom tool designs or tattoo designs for us.

Q. Can you widen the rear seat ?

A. Some seats will allow us to add on to the pan and widen the foam. You must change the cover when you change the size and shape of the pan. Many times the replacement of the rear foam will cure the uncomfortable rear seat without widening.

Q. What if it gets wet?

A. We install a moisture barrier on all of our seats. The covers are sealed where sewn designs or inlays are installed. All staples are stainless steel to prevent rust.

Q. Do you make pans ?

. Yes, we have a local fabricator who can build a custom aluminum pan as per our specifications for your job. You must bring the bike in, appointment is necessary.

Q. Can you build off of my custom pan ?

A. Yes, please call for specifics.

Q. Does it work in the cold ?

A. Temper foam reacts by temperature. When exposed to cold (below 65 F) the foam starts to stiffen.

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